Monthly Archives: October 2012

Purple flowers

I was standing at the light alone on 14th and Oak and then this man walks up beside me and paused for a second… Then he looks over at me and sticks his hand out to give me two purple flowers. He says “One is for you and one is for your friend”. I smiled […]

Creative Conversations Event

ELAN (Emerging Leaders in the Arts Network) is hosting a creative conversation on October 19th from 6 – 8pm downtown at the Oregon Supported Living Program’s Red House (263 W. 13th).  We were asked to speak at the event but unfortunately can not make it.  It should be an interesting discussion and everyone should attend! […]

brown boxes

The box on 11th and Mill was recently painted brown. An interesting dialogue between ourselves, the city and the individual who painted our box! P.S. We did indeed figure out who had painted the box brown and listened to their concerns regarding our boxes. All is well!