Our Streets Eugene is a citywide public art installation and zine created by University of Oregon students Nina Coloso and Julian Watts, funded by the city of Eugene, OR.  The goal of the project is to tell the stories of the people of Eugene through our urban landscape. By initiating a dialogue with the community through local events, interviews and written submissions, we are collecting and documenting stories that define peoples relationships with their urban space and thus their greater connection to their city and community. We will transform elements of the city infrastructure by creating a series of site-specific art installations that correspond to each of the stories that we collect.

We will compile these stories into a zine (D.I.Y. style magazine) which will be distributed for free throughout the city.  Along with the stories, the zine will include a map of the site specific art installations, essentially creating a walking tour of the city in which each alley and intersection is activated by the narratives and memories of the people who inhabit them. It’s a piece of the community that you can keep, always.

Installation is June 15th!

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