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Purple flowers

I was standing at the light alone on 14th and Oak and then this man walks up beside me and paused for a second… Then he looks over at me and sticks his hand out to give me two purple flowers. He says “One is for you and one is for your friend”. I smiled […]

The day Eugene stood still..

The day Eugene stood still. When Jerry Garcia died the young and old alike gathered in Parks and yards all over town and remembered Jerry with candles incense tie dye and smoke. The vigil lasted a week and many stories were exchanged about good times, overcoming strife and the growing pains of the psychedelic children. […]

summer of 1981

My first date took me to attend Romeo and Juliet as set on the fountain in the center of Broadway and Willamette.  I think it  was  the summer of 1981.  The fountain afforded a lovely Verona and the fabled balcony (it was turned off for the performance). I cannot remember my young suitor’s name, but […]

A story…

We received a story from a former U of O marching band member. It’s incredible to imagine what it must have felt like the first time she played Autzen Stadium… ” In the fall of 2007, for the first of many times, I heard 59,000 people singing along to my music.”